Welcome To Unique Enterprises

   Unique Enterprises’ the most trusted and reliable educational consultancy in Kerala have an excellent service record since 1998. Hundreds of students across the length and breadth of Kerala and Nepal are the beneficiaries of our career guidance services. They are now doing their career services, profession or their studies in Medical – Para medical – Engineering – Nursing – Pharmacy – Management and many other similar courses or Jobs in Prestigious Institutions in Tamilnadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.  Some of the qualified are graced with their jobs in Abroad also. Unique Enterprises defuied by devotion, driven by commitment and determined to excel. The last word in Career Guidance Service in Kerala today is “Unique Enterprises”. It is a registered ‘Firm ‘holding the No: 941 / 2003.

We have above 550 Prestigious Colleges with ‘Full Authorization to give admission’ to their Colleges. We offer  better placements to Prestigious Companies , Offices , Hospitals and so on through ‘Campus Selections ‘ . Our motto is “A Guideline for Bright Future “. We are giving good counseling to the students and their Parents . We believe in the advantage of class, where the faculty and students know one another and enjoy the benefit of intense learning. Being the part of a bright future, of our students, we will provide all the stuff which is required to nourish the skill of our students. We are so particular to “Be the BEST in each movement, so that each day becomes the BEST “.

We should always have a dream before starting a Course to become a successful man for our tomorrow.’ Unique Enterprises’ will help you a lot to come closer to your dreams through environment, infrastructure and sincere help from our Colleges with’ Genius Faculties‘to step a-head.

Our Head Office is at ‘KUMARANALLOOR ‘in Kottayam District. This place is so prominent with the 1st Saint in India. Saint Alphonsa’s Birth place and Parish Church are only 1.5 km from our Office. This place is also well known to everybody through ‘Kumaranalloor Devi Temple ‘where the famous “THRIKKARTHIKA LAMPS “are lighten. This place is 3 km  to Kottayam Medical College , 5 km to Mahatma Gandhi University , 6 km to Kottayam Railway Station, Private Bus Stand and KSRTC Bus Stand. Kottayam is known to everybody as “ The Akshara Nagari of Kerala “ .

For the convenience of our customers, we had opened a” Corporate Office “ at  Carithas Junction  , 4 km away from our Head Office on 01/01/2011. Carithas Junction is a prominent Junction in M.C .Road .From here, Kottayam Town is 7 km and Ettumanoor Town is 4 km. It is one of the fast growing place in Kottayam District .Our Office is in A- block, 1st Floor of” VYAPARA BHAVAN” Buildings , Thellakom Post. Anybody who is coming to our ‘Corporate Office’ , can get down by Bus at any time and only to walk 50 feet to the Office or they are coming here with their vehicles , they can get down in ‘ Vyapara Bhavan ‘ compound itself ( opposite State Bank of India – Thellakom Branch ) .

We are giving admission to every Courses in ‘College Fee’ itself  without taking any Service Charges .We have no mediators in between US and the Colleges .We are also so proud to announce that  , we will be with the student till the Course ends and also so particular in their studies too.

We will listen to our clients and provide them with service and value exceeding all their expectations. We will strive for excellence in all that we do and it will cultivate a culture of team work , co-operation and support .Our ‘Firm’ has for a long time, recognized that one of the greatest concerns of students going outside the Nation to study is, how they will find employment on completion of their course  and to help to repay the amount to their family or to Bank .

We are not only interested in the student’s welfare and their placements but also for the wellbeing of the coming generations too. There is a Proverb in Malayalam “SAMPATHU KAALATHU THAI PATHU VECHAAL, AAPATHU KAALATHU KAI PATHU THINNAAM “.  When the students get Placements in Reputed Institutions, we will inspire them to have ‘LIC Policies ‘. ‘Life Insurance Corporation of India ‘is a Corporate of Indian Government and our investments to it are safe and also it is used for the wellbeing and Progress to our Nation. If they are taking Policies, it will help them for their better future as a return in their better tomorrows as Pension or as a lump sum in the ‘Maturity Time ‘. If there is any risk to the Policy holder, in the Policy Period, the policy holder or their family is getting a good return out of it.

We are also inspire the students and their Parents  to take ‘ General Insurance ‘ for their vehicles , farms ,   companies , shops, ornaments , houses and so on  from “ National Insurance Company “ which  is also a  ‘ Government of India Corporate ‘ . More than that, we will tell them to take ‘Health Insurance ‘from this company. It will help them from the huge amount in Hospital, when they are Hospitalized. These two Insurances may make the coming generation with Prosperity and welfare.

We have with us both the Insurances and when ever or where ever there is a need or advise  needed , we will make it clear .