Director Board

We have 4 members Director Board, headed by a Managing Director. The Board takes decisions to the ‘betterment ‘of our services to the student’s bright future. Our Firm is a member of “CHECK” (Consortium of Higher Education Consultants Kerala) . Our Managing Director is Mr. Shajan .V. Cyriac. We are blessed with Mrs. Jancy Shajan, as our Administrative Director to this Organization. Other 2 Directors are Miss. Arya Rose Shajan and Miss. Surya Maria Shajan.





Managing Director’s Voice :-

I started this Consultancy in 1998 and registered it as a ‘Firm’  in the year 2003 .Before that , I worked in the educational field for 10 years  in :

  • LABOUR  INDIA PUBLICATIONS – Marangattupally .

From these educational guide lines , I happen to understand that , there is big gap in modern studies , if the students are studying in Kerala itself . We, the elders  had taken our education by walking miles with hunger and thirst and sharing their views with their colleagues . There was a strong dedicated faculty on that time . Now the world had changed . The student is not ready to walk or the  parents is not ready to allow their children to walk or feel hunger , even though  they are . The children had no elder or younger ones to share. They are not going out to play or visit their neighbors. They only sits inside the house and watch TV and playing in their Computer only. They did not know how to behave with others or share with them .If they are studying in our state itself in the control of their parents , it will make them idle and they are not aware about their good tomorrow or how to tackle a problem ,when it arose. This makes them to help suicidal tenancy when any problem arose. They will never get good fluency in English or any other languages except Malayalam and it may affect in their Interviews after their Course.

Life is a progression from darkness to light and knowledge is the beam of light which eliminates our path to self realization. Education trains one to act and think independently to produce individuals who consider service before self. With this motivation, we planted the seedlings of present “UNIQUE ENTERPRISES “. We believe in creating good grads that can excel and make a mark in life excelling as global citizen with right skills attitude and habits of mind. Congratulations to all our aspirants on your choice and wish you all the success. We look forward a rewarding association with you extending beyond your dreams through an exciting career.


Thanking  you all and wishing you all a bright future … Ln. Shajan .V. Cyriac.

A word from Our Administrator :-

In the present age, competition is in almost every walk of life and hence the present decade is termed as the ‘decade of competitions’. Ironically this challenging term seems to be missing in its true spirit in most of the modern educational Institutions. The strong convictions of making a person educated, in the true sense and not merely a literate makes us a little different. Thirst for bring out qualified individuals of high caliber to take advantage of immense opportunities the world offers; demonstrate the mission of relentless service in education by our Firm. While wishing you the very best of success in perusing your chosen career, we remind upholding our motto “A guide line for bright future “. On behalf of our consultancy, I welcome you all  to our Office and gain the excellent educational opportunities in various streams.

Thanking you all …….